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1.3.3 Operators

An operator manipulates individual data items and returns a result. The data items are called operands or arguments. Operators are represented by special characters or by keywords.

Unary and Binary Operators

Unary operators:

Unary operators need only one operand to perform the task or operation.
e.g +, –

Here “+” and “-” operators will indicate the sign of operand. (e.g +5, -30, -4.5 )

Binary operators:

Binary operators required two operands to perform the operation.

e.g +, -, *, /, % etc

Here these + and – operators will not indicate the sign of operand but add or subtract two operands. (e.g 3+5, 3–5)

understand unary and binary operators like below.

e.g. +2 – -3.5 * +4 can be written as (+2) – (-3.5) * (+4) for better readability and understandability. Look at the diagram below to know which operator is unary and which one is binary.

Arithmetic Operators

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