Google Announces I/O 2020 Dates – What Are Expectations

I/O stands for ‘Input and Output’. Google I/O is a developer conference that is held by Google each year. First of all, this organization was inaugurated in 2008 and since 2008, it is inaugurated on each year and it is organized by the executive team of Google. The format of the Google I/O event is just like the format of the event of Google Developer Day. In this event, lots of issues are discussed in the field of technology. Sundar Pichai is the CEO of this event and he announces the dates for this event by tweeting on his official Twitter account.

Dates for Google I/O 2020 Event

As we have discussed earlier that CEO of this event Sundar Pichai announces dates of this event. He has tweeted that this event is going to be organized between May 12 and May 14, 2020. The avenue of this meeting will be Shoreline Amphitheatre. Shoreline Amphitheatre is situated in the Mountain View and it is also near Google’s headquarters.

Expectations of Google’s I/O 2020 Event

There are some aims for organizing such an event. That’s why some essential announcements are made each year with the help of this event. In a similar way, there are also some expectations from Google’s I/O 2020 event. For this reason, lots of reports are circulating among the people. Most of the reports suggest that there are two essential announcements will be made in this meeting. First of all, some announcements are expected regarding the latest pixel phones. Secondly, there is also a possibility that in this meeting, the releasing date of Android 11 OS will also be confirmed.

In the last year, in this event, Google unveiled and announced Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL phones. In a similar way, it is also expected that in this year, Google will announce and unveil Pixel 4a phones. It means that the releasing dates and some essential specs of these phones will be discussed in this meeting. There is an event page of Google and on this event page, Google announces all the dates regarding its upcoming events. The dates of this event were first announced on this page. After that CEO of this event, Sundar Pichai has announced these dates on his official account. Now, people can confirm these dates by visiting Google’s page and the official account of Sundar Pichai.

According to the latest news as well as taking with experts of dissertation writing services, it is expected that Pixel 4a will be available in the same budget of Pixel 3a phones. The most important quality of these phones will be such that these mobile phones will have a punch-hole display. Moreover, it is also known as the successor of Pixel 3a. It means that the qualities of Pixel 4a will be similar to the qualities of Pixel 3a. Google has already launched Pixel 4 but they have not yet decided to launch it in the Asian countries like India.

Some expected news is also leaked regarding the design of Pixel 4a phones. It is expected that in this meeting, Google will also announce the design of Pixel 4a. According to leaks, the expected design of Pixel 4a will be similar to the design of Pixel 4. In Pixel 4, there are two camera sensors. It is expected that in Pixel 4a, there will be only one camera sensor and this camera sensor will be adjusted at the back of the phone. The most important expected qualities of Pixel 4a are that there will be a rear fingerprint, there will be 3.5 mm headphone jack in this phone and there will also be bottom facing speakers in this phone. Another expected quality of this mobile phone will also be such that on this phone, there will also be a facility for USB C-Port.

There is also some news about the size of this phone. It expected that the display size of this phone either be 5.7 inches or 5.8 inches. In this meeting, we will get confirm idea about the display size of this phone. There will also be some new updates about the front-facing camera of Pixel 4a. There were some bezels in Pixel 3a. It is expected that these bezels will be removed in Pixel 4a. Along with Pixel 4a, it is also expected that some new updates will also be announced regarding the Google apps. In these apps, there come Google Chrome, Maps and YouTube etc. To some up, we can say that this meeting will bring us lots of new updates and information.

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